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Ok, here's the one wants to talk about this kind of crap, but it's totally necessary for me to run my business, so here we are! Take a little look through, and let's do this quick and dirty.

Cancellations & Moving Appointments

I reserve your appointment time just for YOU! So if you need to cancel OR move your time, I ask that you do so 48 hours BEFORE your appointment. If you're not able to give me the 48 hours, then you walk the plank! But for real, I will require a fee. Here is the breakdown on the fee, if you're booked for a stand alone haircut or a blowout, your fee is $25. If you're booked for a color or color/cut combo, your fee is half (50%) of what your appointment would have been. The fee is due within 24 hours of your missed or switched  appointment. 

Animals, Kids, and Corrections

Animals and kids are easy...just leave them at home. Look, I love kids and dogs as much as the next guy - they are both cute and drool a lot! However, the State and my neighbors aren't as appreciative. 

The State of Texas does not allow animals in my salon, unless they are a registered and trained service dog (and no, Susan...your emotional support llama doesn't count, sorry 'boutcha!) 

Now, this little space of mine is full of chemicals, hot tools, sharp objects, and THIN walls (and LOTS of candy!)'s no place for children. 

Lastly, when it comes to corrections...yes I am a (hair) wizard, Harry...but sometimes my magic wand does me wrong and I need to fix something. What qualifies for a correction? Well, I'll tell you what it's's not you deciding you want 3 more inches off tomorrow from what we talked about, or when I told you that it would take 4 appointments for us to get your desired color after you have been slapping black box dye on your hair for 6 years and you're mad it didn't happen in one (yep...its happened!).

If youre not happy with something to do with your hair, please let me know within 48 hours of your appointment. I do not give refunds for work that is done, however I will offer a correction if one is able to be made.