** PLEASE NOTE: I am not currently able to take new clients

due to time demand. Please check back soon!! **

Who LOVES blind dates? NO ONE! That's who! Well girlfriend, I know it can feel like a blind date when you pick a new stylist. 

We all go over the same internal dialogue, "Will we click?" "Will she mess up my hair?" "That last girl cut off 6 inches when I asked for a trim...I hope that doesn't happen this time!"

I TOTALLY get it! I am not only a stylist, I'm a client too, and on occasion I am just like you, on the hunt for someone to do my hair, and I feel the exact same things you're feeling.

So, let's take a deep breath together (hmmm....doesn't that feel nice?)

Now, BEFORE you book with me, I want you to do two things...step 1 - look around this website and get to know me and my style. Then ask yourself, "Does this feel like I fit?" If the answer is no...I'm probably not the stylist for you. And that's A-OK! You want a stylist that you vibe with from the get go! If your answer is yes, then I want you to go to #2 (not GO number 2....go to step 2!)

Step 2 - Head over to this booking page, where I walk you through taking my hair quiz (mandatory for new guests!) and then book away! Within MINUTES of you booking (unless I'm with a client, but it will be same day), you will get a TEXT from me giving you directions to the salon and thanking you for booking. It's as simple as that! You now can text me with any questions or concerns, we can chat about your hair quiz...it will be awesome! (I won't know if you filled out a hair quiz unless you have booked, so make sure you do both to get a text from me!)

Image by Mukuko Studio
Image by Seth Doyle

Hell Yes! I LOVE new guests!