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Image by Andrea Rico

You're obviously here because you want to know more about me as a stylist. I can tell you all about my years in the industry and my experience, I can list my accolades, and all that good stuff. But what you really want to know is...can she give me the hair of my dreams?

To quote my favorite villain, Ursula, "My dear, sweet child...that's what I do! It's what I live for!"

About Your Stylist

But for real, my job is all about making you LOVE your hair again. I specialize in blended warm balayage (aka hair painting) and icy blondes - ala Pinterest hair.

A little about me as a person: I'm married to an awesome dude, I have an incredible daughter, and I'm a huge foodie!

I'm also a plant mom, am obsessed with cacti, and love getting new tattoos! I'm a cancer survivor, and a firm believer that dessert should come before dinner.